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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in NGS - Virtual Event


A Case for RNAseq in Prostate Cancer Research

Melanie Lehman, Research Scientist, Queensland University of Technology

This presentation will discuss the collaborative efforts by a Movember funded multidisplinary team of researchers in Australia, Canada and Ireland to use RNAseq data to investigate treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer. Our team environment enables the pooling of resources and expertise to build a data resource integrating RNAseq data from in vitro cell culture, xenograft and patient models. In addition to recognition of genome-wide insights into transcriptional response, the data resource facilitates the generation of data driven hypotheses, in silico validation and prioritization of candidate targets. We will also discuss our approach to look beyond reference transcriptomes and gene-level analysis to incorporate recent discoveries in RNA expression (e.g. alternative protein-coding isoforms, non-coding RNA, overlapping and antisense transcription) to translational research.

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