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Lothar Eggeling's Biography

Lothar Eggeling, Group Leader, Forschungszentrum Juelich Gmbh

Dr. Lothar Eggeling did his PhD in microbiology. He is ocupied in Research Centre J├╝lich at the Institute for Bio- and Geosciences: Biotechnology. He did pioneering work in a variety of fields, encluding the establishment of intracellular flux analysis in microbes, the first isolation of metabolite exporters, characterization cell wall synthesis of Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium, and he developed several bacterial strains in use for amino acid production. His current interest is the use of metabolite sensors for single cell analysis applied microbiology. In total he contributed to more than 150 publications and more than 30 patents and patent applications.

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Optical Nanosensors for Metabolite Monitoring in Microbial Biotechnology

Wednesday, 6 March 2013 at 14:45

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Micro-organisms are used to produce numerous small molecules like vitamins or amino acids on a large scale exceeding alone in the case of L-lysine 1.500.000 tons annually. In all cases still a tedious strain development is required. The new methodology described in the talk enables for the first time to screen directly at the single cell level for improved producers, thus expediting strain development enormously.

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