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SELECTBIO Conferences 3D-Bioprinting 2021

3D-Bioprinting 2021

Date: Thursday, 18 March 2021 - Friday, 19 March 2021
Location: Boston

Keynote Speakers

Marc Ferrer

Marc Ferrer
Director, 3D Tissue Model Laboratory, NIH/NCATS

Wai Yee Yeong

Wai Yee Yeong
Programme Director and Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University

Noah Malmstadt

Noah Malmstadt
Professor, Mork Family Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Southern California

Ibrahim Ozbolat

Ibrahim Ozbolat
Hartz Family Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Penn State University

David L. Kaplan

David L. Kaplan
Stern Family Endowed Professor of Engineering, Professor & Chair -- Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Tufts University

Joyce Wong

Joyce Wong
Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, Boston University

Stephanie Willerth

Stephanie Willerth
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Engineering, University of Victoria and CEO – Axolotl Biosciences


SelectBIO 3D-Bioprinting 2021 to be held March 18-19, 2021 in Boston brings together researchers from across various disciplines who are involved in the fabrication of functional, engineered tissue constructs.

This field is of great interest for generating in vitro physiological and disease models, for target identification and drug screening, and as potential organ replacements amongst other applications.
A multitude of fabrication approaches to generate tissue engineered constructs exist including photopolymerization, 3D-printing, stereolithography, multiphoton lithography as well as self-assembly approaches. While much progress has been made in generating functional tissues using both synthetic and natural materials, increasing throughput and tissue volume has been challenging. This conference will focus on advanced techniques and approaches being used for biofabrication with a focus on potentially scalable technologies that will allow higher throughput manufacturing of functional tissues.

Conference is held in Boston with all safety precautions as mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as relating to Covid-19 + with virtual access for those participants not able to travel to the conference.

Agenda Topics

  • 3D-Bioprinting
  • Additive Manufacturing and other Biofabrication Approaches
  • Bioprinters and Bioinks
  • High-Throughput Fabrication Approaches
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Vascularized Constructs

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Jeff Fan, Exhibition Manager

Confirmed Speakers to date

Thomas Ayers, Sr. Technical Applications Specialist, Dolomite Bio
Tomohiro Morita, Student, Tokyo University of Science
Yen-Ting Tung, Research Fellow, 3D Tissue Bioprinting Group, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)
William Whitford, Life Science Strategic Solutions Leader, DPS Group

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