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SELECTBIO Conferences Organ-on-a-Chip, Tissue-on-a-Chip & Organoids Europe 2020

Mohammad Jouybar's Biography

Mohammad Jouybar, Researcher

Mohammad Jouybar worked as researcher in Mimic Lab and pursued his studies in Politecnico di Milano. His work was focused on design and fabrication of microfluidic devices for in-vitro studies, specifically Gut- and Lung-on-Chip. This project was in collaboration with European Institute of Oncology in Milan, where Mohammad worked one year as a research fellow. Their focus in Microbiome and antiTumor Immunity group was microbiome contribution to cancer research. He has recently joined Microsystems group in Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), where he started on the "Moore4Medical" project embedded in Cancer Metastasis on Chip project under supervision of Prof. den Toonder.

Mohammad Jouybar Image