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SELECTBIO Conferences Screening Asia

Screening Asia

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 - Wednesday, 13 November 2013
Location: Singapore

Keynote Speakers

Vicky Avery

Vicky Avery
Chief Investigator & Head of Discovery Biology, Griffith University

Barry O

Barry O'Keefe
Group Leader, National Institutes of Health


SELECTBIO is pleased to present the 3rd Screening Asia conference, which will take place at the Biopolis, Singapore, on November 12th - 13th. Featuring Dr Hakim Djaballah, Director of the HTS Core Facility at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as Conference Chair, this event aims to provide you with an insight into the latest developments in screening technologies and their applications.

During this conference, you will learn about many advances in discovery technologies, including 3D cell-based assays and label free screening, as well as the use of model organisms such as C. elegans. Focus will also be given to natural product screening and emerging targets. Attending this event will provide you with excellent opportunities for networking with like minded peers, helping you to find solutions and build collaborations.

Running alongside the Screening Asia 2013 conference will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advances and associated services within this field. Registered delegates will also have access to the co-located Lab-on-a-Chip Asia and Genomics Research Asia conference tracks, ensuring a cost effective trip. We look forward to welcoming you to the conference, and hope that the two days will be both informative and enjoyable.
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Agenda Topics

  • Advances in Enabling Discovery Technologies
    • 3D Cell-based Assays
    • Biologics
    • High Content Assays
    • High Content Flow Cytometry
    • Label Free Screening Technologies
    • Model Organisms e.g. C. elegans
    • Patient Derived iPSC Cells
    • Screening Stem Cells
    • Target ID and Validation
  • Natural Product Diversity & Novel Chemistries to Fill in the RnD Pipeline
    • Addressing Emerging & Challenging Targets
    • Assessing Natural Product Toxicities
    • Bioassay Based Fractionation
    • Natural Product Screening
    • Novel Chemical Library Designs
    • Repurposing Existing Approved Drugs
    • Synthetic Biology for Complex Chemistries

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Exhibition Team,
+44 (0) 1206 501654

Confirmed Speakers to date

Mark Butler, Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland
Charlie Chia, Senior Research Officer/Chief Scientist, Sarawak Biodiversity Centre
Hakim Djaballah, CEO, Institute Pasteur - Korea
Horst Flotow, Senior Project Manager, D3 (Drug Discovery and Development)e
Mark Frattini, Associate Professor, Columbia University Medical Center
Cedric Gaggioli, Baby Team Leader, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
Said Goueli, Clinical Professor & Research Fellow, Promega Corporation
Jan Lichtenberg, CEO and Co-Founder, InSphero AG
Stephen Pak, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Spencer Shorte, Director, Institut Pasteur Imagopole
Gerardo Turcatti, Director, Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
Hui-Hui Wong, Lab Biologist, Frederic Bard Lab, Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology
Lixin Zhang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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